Miniature Herefords For Sale

We are now pleased to announce our first listing of Miniature Herfords for sale.  After careful breeding, we have a number of calves (both heifers and bulls) and mature cows now available.  Located at Lower Hermitage in South Australia, these miniature cattle are all available and ready to go now.

We have Lisa and Zizi who are both 6 year old cows at $1,500 each, Morgana who is 2.5 years also at $1,500, Wilbur is 1.5 years old at $1,000 and Ronald who has just turned one at only $800.  Please contact us for specific pedigree information.  I will endeavour to list individual photos as soon as possible.

I will be adding more photos very soon so bookmark this site so you can be the first to view the Miniature Herefords we now have for sale.  The photo below shows their relative size compared to the quad bike.


Definition of Hereford Cattle


  •  Hereford cattle are a widely used breed in temperate areas, mainly for beef production.
  • Originally from Herefordshire, England, they are found in the temperate parts of Australia.
  • The breed also enjoys great popularity among ranchers in the desert American Southwest of the United States, as well as in the centre and east of Argentina and in Uruguay.
  • Herefords made up the largest percentage of registered cows among herders in New Zealand.
  • This is a testament to the hardiness of the breed; while originating in cool, moist Britain, they have thrived in much harsher climates.
  • The breed has adapted to a wide range of climates on nearly every continent.
  • Hornless variants with the polled gene are known as the Polled Herefords.
  • Breeding horned and hornless together functions as a genetic dehorner.
  • This is often used as an alternative to a dehorning process, which causes stress and often weight loss.
  • Closely related to the Miniature Hereford, the breed is known for its high-quality meat and its excellent maternal qualities.
  • The Hereford’s temperament is more docile, allowing easier handling than other cattle breeds.
  • Its meat quality is very good, in some strains rivaling that of Angus, another “British Breed”, known for ‘marbling’ (intramuscular fat).
  • The World Hereford Council is based in the United Kingdom; the Secretary General, Mrs. Jan Wills, is from New Zealand.
  • There are currently 19 member countries with 20 Hereford societies and 7 non-member countries with a total of eight societies.