2008 News

  • It has been a relatively quiet year for Miniature Herefords in South Australia over the past year but some great things have emerged.
  • The Paskeville Field Days, one of the largest in Australia, and attended by many thousands of people from the country and the city alike, converge on the small town of Paskeville each year for a week long display of predominantly agricultural equipment and services.  This year was a great success and apart from the very warm weather, a great turnout.
  • Ern Ackland from Weetulta, was asked if he would be prepared to form a display at the Field Days and in fact, be a part of the ‘Yellow Brick Road’ which many families enjoy.  Ern was delighted and took two cows (in the trailer) and their recently born calves (in the family car) to his fabulous indoor display area.  Being indoors was a great advantage in the heat and he was supplied with yards, hey etc.  The cattle settled in nicely and the crowds were enthralled with the placid nature and size of his cattle.
  • Ern also ran a competition to ‘Name the Calf’ and received many entries to name the newborn calf.  The publication the Stock Journal run a front page photo of the winner and an editorial about Miniature Herefords.  Ern also appeared with ABC Radio and spoke about Miniature Herefords.
  • Ern’s display, the preparation he made in signs, brochures, the time he spent there, the transportation of animals etc. was a great job well done and certainly a huge promotion for Miniature Herefords.  Our thanks to Ern and his family for their involvement and efforts.
  • The Royal Adelaide Show also provided the opportunity for Ern to display his cattle in the Animal Nursery which of course attracts many thousands of visitors.  As Ern lives about 3 hours away, it is a significant effort for him and his cattle, to travel to Adelaide and his cows are well looked after whilst they are there.
  • The other important thing that has come from this time of drought is the hardiness and the ability of Miniature Herefords to ‘do well’.  As feed has been a major consideration for all owners this year, we have learnt that in our area, our cattle have done very well indeed.  Our cattle that have not calved have not shown any weight or condition loss and still have their little ‘pods’ of fat either side of their tails, our bull included.  This is a testament to the hardiness of these cattle in times of little ground feed.